Nowadays, due to the growth and advancement of technology, the need for materials with special and unique properties is felt more than ever. Materials and metallurgy engineering is a field that connects basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry to engineering. Using this field, the structure of materials is closely studied and then by conducting various processes and making fundamental changes in the structure of materials, the required properties and desired efficiency shall be achieved.

Each year, An educational program called Summer School is held in different universities all around the world in which students take the opportunity and prepare themselves to make a better entrance to the job market by learning applied sciences and skills that upgrades them to become more effective engineers for solving newly-caused problems. Therefore, we decided to hold a summer school on materials and metallurgy at Amirkabir University to have a small impact on attaining this brilliant success.


The Summer School of Materials and Metallurgy engineering includes various lectures and workshops on advanced materials, welding, nanomaterials, ceramics, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and coatings and it has provided appropriate conditions for students to gain a better understanding of their field and become more familiar with the challenges discussed in the mentioned areas. In addition, this summer school helps students to experience a new and appreciable atmosphere far from the conventional educational and research method of universities and gain access to a closely-linked of industrial and entrepreneurial enviroment. Furthermore, this program, like all international programs, is a profitable opportunity for students to get acquainted with different cultures and nationalities by establishing constructive communication and developing friendly relations with other international learners.