Dear All,

Now that the AUT Summer School 2021 has been officially ended. We are so honoured to share the Booklet of the Advanced Materials & Biotechnology Summer School with you. This Booklet can be considered as a snippet of all the activities during this Summer School.
We would like to thank all the dear professors and lecturers who supported us with their outstanding presentations. We are so grateful for sharing their knowledge, perspective and insights with us. And we would like to thank all the participants who joined this Summer School, and their heartwarming comments and words guided us all the way through.
We wish to keep this close-knit connection for future programs.

All the bests,
Advanced Materials & Biotechnology Team

Summer School of Biotechnology

Summer School is a great way to get a competitive edge in your workplace and acquire a new skill. We’ve got several courses in a variety of fields, so you are bound to find something that interests you.

  • Our Goal in the Summer School of Biotechnology:

The Biotechnology Summer School is a research training program that prepares students for the accelerated and rapidly changing world and helps them choose a better future; helps them in education and their career.